Why Your Office Move Needs a Project Relocation Manager

Why Your Office Move Needs a Project Relocation Manager

There are 7,000 licensed moving companies in America. Navigating the pros and cons of each can be daunting.

Have you heard the term relocation project management? Or an office relocation project plan? These terms describe the key to making an office move go off without a hitch.

As you prepare to move your office to another location, you may want to look into the various relocation project managers available to you. Read on to see why you need to hire a relocation manager.

Why Should You Hire a Relocation Manager?

Making an office move can be very time consuming and can feel like a second job if you try to handle it yourself.

Let’s look at what an office relocation manager can do for you to let you keep on doing your day job.

1. Less Disruption to Your Business

You and your employees can focus on your jobs while the relocation project manager organizes your office move.

The project manager will schedule the relocation or purchase of furniture and office equipment, and schedule the necessary vendors.

They will coordinate all aspects of the move and keep it on budget.

2. Great Return on Investment

Relocation managers have experience in handling all aspects of an office move. They will have a plan, a schedule, and deadlines and will stick to a budget.

There’s no risk of missing something that you may not have thought of because they are professionals and know how to execute a move.

You’ll save time and money by hiring a relocation manager.

3. Collaboration at Every Level

What kind of insurance do you need? Do you need any permits for the move? What kind of documentation should vendors be able to produce?

A project manager will make sure the proper documentation and necessary insurance are acquired to protect from lawsuits or accidents or poor workmanship.

4. Have Experience in Maximizing Space

A cluttered work environment obstructs productivity. Relocation project managers will create the ultimate floor plan and office layout maximizing your workspace.

A flexible design is often employed to accommodate for future company growth. Unnecessary equipment and furniture are identified and often sold or recycled possibly enabling you to receive a tax break.

5. Will Oversee All of the Details

A relocation manager will oversee the design, negotiate the contracts and pricing, and manage the construction phase of the project.

Another part of the role of the relocation manager is to inventory all furniture and equipment. They will coordinate all things IT.

They will prepare and schedule the actual move, oversee the packing and setting up the new office and schedule utilities for moving day.

Make Your Office Move a Piece of Cake

Now you’ve seen what a relocation manager can do for you, you’ll want to look into using one for your office move. Don’t forget to bookmark our site to easily access all of our great resources for your next move