3 Essential Tips For Your Corporate Office Move

3 Essential Tips For Your Corporate Office Move

3 Essential Tips For Your Corporate Move

No one would call a residential move easy, but a corporate move is a whole other ballgame. As necessary as it is, it's a serious challenge to handle the expense and logistics of the move without losing touch with customers in the process.

Thankfully, there are people you can turn to for help. Check out these tips from our commercial movers and our customers who have been in your shoes.

Corporate Moving Tips

Getting through a move smoothly is all about planning ahead. Start with these tips before your big day arrives.

1. Plan Your Schedule Wisely

corporate move is a far larger undertaking than a residential move, and it usually takes several days.

Before you start planning, ask your commercial moving company to come to your business. They'll be able to see everything they'll need to move and can gauge what the job will require.

By doing this, your mover will be able to give you an idea of how long the move will take. With that estimate in hand, you can plan your move for the days that will disrupt your business the least.

2. Don't Forget Parking

Your location may have plenty of parking for your usual customers and employees. Does it have the space for moving equipment, though?

Survey your current facility and the facility you're moving to see where your moving crew could park. Make sure it's legal for them to park there, and don't hesitate to call the building management or parking enforcement for clarification.

This is a good conversation to have with the corporate movers who come to provide an estimate. They'll know what type of equipment and trucks they'll need and can help you understand how much space you'll need.

3. Notify Customers in Advance

As important as it is to get the logistics right in your move, you can't forget about the impact on your customers. If they don't know you've moved they may assume you've closed, send your payment to the wrong place, or be unable to get in touch with you.

Start notifying customers and the local community about your move well in advance. Ramp up that publicity as your move gets nearer.

While alerting customers to your move, run it as you would a marketing campaign. Use email marketing, social media, and direct mail while posting the news prominently on your web site.

Keep the campaign running for a few weeks after you move too, for anyone who didn't get the memo. If you have a storefront, put up signage before and after your move if possible.

Moving On and Moving Up

Chances are that your move will be for the best in the long run, whether it gives you more space or lowers your overhead. The challenge is getting past the moving process itself with your sanity and your business intact.

On top of the tips above, a great corporate move starts with hiring the right moving company. To find out more about our experienced team who specializes in corporate moves, contact Washington Express Movers today.