Benefits of Switching to Electronic Files

Benefits of Switching to Electronic Files

Packing for an office move and not sure what to do with old files? Save office space and money by switching to an electronic filing system. Before you begin packing, it’s important to purge old or unwanted material. Determine what items are being moved and how filing cabinets will fit into the new space. An electronic filing system can be a great way to dispose of unwanted paper material and cut down on office inventory. Read more on the benefits of switching to an electronic system.


If your business is growing, going paperless can be an immediate option to increase availability. By freeing up space once occupied by filing cabinets and record rooms, you instantly make room for new employees and company expansion.


One of the great advantages of an electronic filing system is the ability to categorize and index your files. This allows you to register your files according to specific properties and keep sensitive information safe by determining the degree of access to employees.


With an electronic filing system, you have instant gratification! No need to rummage through years worth of old documents. With an easy search tool, files are right at your fingertips with the ability to run cross-searches.


When filing paper documents, damage is more likely to take place in case of a disaster. An office fire or flooding could result in the loss of your critical information. When filing electronically, you’re able to keep backups of all your files in a separate location so you can feel confident your data is safe.


Not only are electronic files efficient, but also eco-friendly! Reduce your company’s paper usage and save trees, while also increasing company productivity.


Washington Express Movers will happily take unwanted filing cabinets off your hands.  Speak with one of our move coordinators today to learn more about our disposal, recycling or donation options.